During the ABPRA Pilot Study, Dr. Minami worked with the elders and community leaders in the villages of Mbyo and Rweru. These are very small villages with a population of approximately 26,803 (in Rilima Sector) and 28,782 (in Rweru Sector) people each. The common form of transporation is walking or by bicycle. These town are 9 hours (Mbyo) and 13 hours (Rweru) walk from the city of Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.

During the Globe In Peace Project we plan to work in all villages of Mbyo, Rweru, Kayonza and Musanze.


ABPRA Pilot Study Village 1: Mbyo

Mbyo village, Rwanda

Location of Mbyo

(GPS Coordinates: -2.222944, 30.157691)

  • Google map view of Rwanda showing location for Mbyo


ABPRA Pilot Study Village 2: Rweru

Rweru village, Rwanda

Location of Rweru

(GPS Coordinates: -2.305729, 30.258247)



Future Site 1: Kayonza

Kayonza village, Rwanda

Location of Kayonza

(GPS Coordinates: -1.865610, 30.556762)

  • Map view of Rwanda showing village of Kayonza


Future Site 2: Musanze

(GPS Coordinates: -1.519881, 29.596625)
Musanze village, Rwanda

Location of Musanze

(GPS Coordinates: -1.519881, 29.596625)

  • Map view of Rwanda showing village of Musanze