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Introduction to ABPRA

Dr. Masahiro Minami developed an innovative reconciliation program called the Action-Based Psychosocial Reconciliation Approach (ABPRA) incorporating therapeutic principles of Japanese Morita therapy and contact theory. Find out more details on the What is ABPRA page.

In the peace-building and ethnic conflict-preventing framework, ABPRA is designed to foster interpersonal and interethnic reconciliation between offenders and surviving victims of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, and to help both groups move beyond unforgiveness, guilt, hatred, and anguish toward psychosocial healing and peaceful coexistence.

Beneficial Properties of ABPRA

What kind of benefit do survivors and perpetrators in Rwanda or people in conflict in general gain, by participating in ABPRA? The following diagram summarizes them.

ABPRA effects chart

Healing property: ABPRA helps people to heal.

Attitude change property: ABPRA facilitates positive attitude change in people in conflict.

Reconciliation property: ABPRA fosters reconciliation.

Relationship building property: ABPRA helps people to develop strong relationship with each other.

Psychosocial development: ABPRA helps develop a community peace.