Dr. Minami close up

The Vision of Reconciliation

Dr. Minami’s Photos

Dr. Minami and the Globe in Peace Project team have been collecting photos of people, places, and activities they have encountered as treasures of memory.

This photo collection is entitled Portraits of Rwandese and is shown in two albums:

  • Living Memories colletion which includes 8 images; and
  • Future of Rwanda colletion which includes 22 images.

We would like to share then with you one by one with stories behind the photos.

Globe In Peace Videos

In our Globe In Peace video section, we share our official Globe In Peace video and 24 interview videos with Dr. Minami where he addresses frquenalty asked questions about ABPRA, his work in Rwanda and the Globe In Peace Project. You might find answers to your questions in our video section.

Please visit both pages and share with us, our beautiful memories of Rwanda.