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On ABPRA & the ABPRA Pilot Study



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Dr. Minami’s Field Travelogue – 南博士のルワンダ奮闘記は日本語です。

Masahiro Minami traveled to Rwanda in 2012. He arrived equipped with a camera and a desire to see if hie new reconciliation method (ABPRA) would be effective in the aftermath of a genocide.

Before Masahiro could undertake a study, he would need to build relationships with local government, village elders and win the trust of the people that would become his teachers.

Masahiro lived and worked in Rwanda for over 1 year before he could begin his research project (ABPRA Pilot Study). These Fields Notes are his observation and reflection during this time.

Japanese language version

sketch Dr. Minami

English language version

Translated by Haruka Osada (Simon Fraser University) & Hitomi Sagawa (BC Institute of Technology)