From Rwanda to the World

Translation by Ms. Haruka Osada (Simon Fraser University)

sketch Dr. MinamiI finished my mission in the new land of England, and now I am back in Canada, where my home base is, in September 2013. The local researcher, Rosine is continuing the research in Rwanda for us.

At Mbyo Village where I chose to try my program, and where the eight successful reconciliation pairs were born, many villagers requested to join the program after they witnessed the pairs working on cooperative tasks. So we decided with the Village Chief who is also one of the participants, to set these pairs’ cooperative works as the village’s reconciliation activity. Today, there are many pair of villagers working in these activities.

I visited the Village in August 2013, but the all pairs who joined my research continued these cooperative work even after they finished the program. I saw that the reconciliation method become the base of peacebuilding without me. I was very happy.

This reconciliation program started from nothing. Although taking time, the actual research side is also starting to show its shape. Based on the research data and also the the clinical experience, I started a new program; development of the world’s first reconciliation method based on evidence.

We tried out the program integrating Morita a Therapy in Rwanda for two years, and we are now analyzing the data from Rwanda to prepare as a pilot project for the next stage. If the next step becomes something successful, this reconciliation method based on Morita Therapy will become world’s first reconciliation method based on evidence!

To make this dream true, I am running around to establish an NGO. I have always been running around in Rwanda, England and Canada! I think I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful life though!