The Globe In Peace Project is a priority project operating within the Simon Fraser University (SFU) Faculty of Education, previously the University of British Columbia (UBC) Faculty of Education. It is estimated to take 6 years with a total budget of 3.5 million dollars. It involves the large-scale implementation and scientific evaluation of a psychosocial reconciliation program called ABPRA (See more on ABPRA page). The project is a continuation of the successful ABPRA Pilot Study conducted by Dr. Masahiro Minami (UBC) in 2011-13.


Psychosocial reconciliation and healing from the scars and traumas of the 1994 Genocide is the national priority of Rwanda today and essential for bringing peace to people’s minds and for rebuilding Rwandan society. Visit the 1994 Genocide page to learn more about the Genocide.

Project Overview

The purpose of the Globe In Peace Project is (a) to deliver the innovative ABPRA program to a large number (1000+) of people living in 8 remote Rwandan village communities and (b) to scientifically evaluate the effectiveness of the ABPRA in nurturing psychosocial reconciliation between the former enemies. The Globe in Peace Project will not only support people in need of reconciliation, but also build necessary scientific evidence to show that the ABPRA is in fact effective in preventing wars and building peace through nurturing psychosocial reconciliation. If the project succeeds, the ABPRA can be made available as the world’s first evidence-based war prevention and peace building approach. International peace NGOs such as the UN, the UNHCR, and/or the International Red Cross could utilize the ABPRA as their evidence-based post-war peace building strategy. It is the goal of the Globe in Peace Project to develop the ABPRA into the world’s first evidence-based war prevention and peace building approach.

Full Project Descriptions

Please visit Project Descriptions page to learn more about the project.