The people of Rwanda have survived a horrific event. Many watched their loved ones murdered in front of their eyes.

Each one of the people Dr. Minami met and worked with during the one year he spent in Rwanda asked the same thing, that their stories be told. “If this can help prevent future genocide or war, please tell my story!”.

Hear their stories. Learning from the very words of the survivors and perpetrators who participated in the ABPRA Pilot Study. What is their view of reconciliation, forgiveness, unity, and what does it really mean to work together with the very person who once tried to murder you? What does it really mean to work for someone whom you have once tried to murder?

Stories by Themes

Stories by Pairs

The stories of the people who participated in the ABRPA Pilot Study will unfold from May 5th, 2015. The pairs’ stories will be published weekly, so please come back for the stories.