“A special healing partner”

I also posed to survivors the same question as I asked perpetrators. What would have happened if you had never met up again with your ex-prisoner pair?”


Lawurencia reported that she would have continued to carry her intense fear of Thasiani for the rest of her life and that her emotional wounds would not have healed fully. During the ABPRA she told me that she should be fearing him, but Thasiani’s continuous devotion and sincere dedication for her made it impossible for her to fear him any longer. She also told me that it was at this moment that she experienced her emotional scars were being healed. I also discovered that for Thasiani, she was the very person who, again, rehumanized him. Lawurencia stated, “Thasiani heals my wounds,” and Thasiani stated, “Lawurencia made me a human.” Together, they called themselves a special healing partner.

I inquired to both of them, “Are you happy that you two have met again?” Both of them uttered “very much” at the same time, and they gave each other a hug.

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It was a completely unexpected incident, but a pleasantly surprising evidence of their sharing the joy together.