“You are my worst poison and the best antidote.”

Louise taught me this through her own experience of overcoming her fear toward Matabaro over the course of their 8 sessions. At the beginning of the ABPRA, she honestly reported her leftover fear for Matabaro. However, she reported that as soon as they started their shared work together, her fear started vanishing.

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However, her fear came back when the joint-work session finished and Matabaro returned home.

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To her surprise, her fear started disappearing again when Matabaro came back to work for her next week.

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After the second session, she reported her fear did come back again, but not to the extent as she experienced it in the first week. Over the course of eight sessions, her fear stopped coming back even after the ex-prisoner had gone home.

I have observed that as each dyad’s relationship builds over time through their shared work, fears for each other in all dyads began to disappear. I observed this is a direct result of their contacts, nurturing trust, confidence, faith, and hope in their relationship throughout the ABPRA sessions.

Louise taught me that whenever she noticed her ‘bad’ memory was about to come back, she looked up to see Matabaro being devoted in helping her tirelessly right in front of her. The very sight of him, she reported, was the best cure at that moment to combat her emerging bad memories, bad images of him, fear, and rumination. She metaphorically expressed that he was her worst poison, but is now the best antidote available in front of her.